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Paul and Brenda Feature

Paul & Brenda


My name is Paul and I am a Registered Nurse who was looking for another means to earn an income.

My wife Brenda is a Laboratory Technologist that had enough with  working  the

9 to 5 grind everyday.

We have tried many different ways at making a living with other home based jobs and businesses.

You can read more about our Home-Based jobs and Businesses on our other website pbworkfromhome.

One day, we were roaming the internet, wondering how we too can make a living writing about something we are passionate about.

Then we stumbled upon a site that had everything!

We signed up, never looked back and the rest is as they say...history.

We are now going on our third year as Bloggers / Affiliate Marketers.

We are using all the resources and training from our ​#1 Recommended site called Wealthy Affiliate.

We were blown away with their 7 day free training without having to provide any credit information.


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